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‘Springfield Dental Care’ Clinics opens the door for you! We deploy the most recent innovations in dental practices to offer high-end dental services.  Dr. Ansam Zaiber founded” Springfield  Dental care” in Springfield, Virginia, focusing on providing a wide range of dental practices that serve patients in the region. Vital dental services such as oral examination, dental extraction, cleaning sessions, restorative procedures, veneers, Implants, root canals, Botox, and dermal fillers are all available at Springfield Dental Care Clinic.

Our clinic stands out in the field with our high-quality service that gives our patients unmatched results with high safety. We always apply the most recent infection control guidelines from the American Dental Association and perform precise sterilization techniques to all the equipment we use.


Dr. Ansam Zaiber started her professional practice in 1998 after graduating from The College of Dentistry at Baghdad University. Dr. Zaiber obtained her credentials from Howard University in 2014 after completing the International dentist program that started in 2012. And she graduated with awards in restorative dentistry. She also has taken continuing education courses on dental implants and got certified as a professional Invisalign provider.

At Springfield Dental Care clinic, we feel the need to provide patient education for every patient in our clinic. We inform our patients accurately about their treatment and the most appropriate available alternatives. And we happily answer all their questions that they may be curious about. We also educate our patients about the best practices to follow after each significant procedure to maintain good results in the long run.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to have a great long-term partnership with our patients and guarantee their well-being by providing them the best treatment of choice and achieving the highest success rate.  We secure this by giving high-end dental services and following the best-known practices and guidelines of the American Dental Association.

Our Vision

To change the whole perspective of dental treatment that may currently have a reputation of being painful and including hard times. We apply the best practices that involve the lowest possible pain with minimalizing side effects and reducing the needed recovery time.

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