Intraoral and Extraoral radiographs:

As the oral exam is an important step in diagnosing our dentists, a further close look-up can be needed for more complicated issues. X-rays show what our doctor cannot see from your oral exam. These screening exams form a plain view of ongoing decays beneath fillings or between teeth. It also shows any bone loss and the inner condition for dental implants. Though it’s a safe process, our team cares for your health and does not conduct unnecessary tests.


At our Clinic, we practice two main types of radiographs:

  • Intraoral radiograph: in this test, our doctor can see what is inside of your mouth, a detailed view of your insides. This helps in finding hard-to-see cavities, your teeth roots, and bone surrounding your teeth. It also images the inner development of your teeth and jawbone. 
  • Extraoral radiograph: the picture shown in this screening is the teeth problems according to the skull and jaw. It does not show cavities or minute problems inside the teeth as the intraoral X-rays; instead, it pictures the impacted tooth (a tooth failed to emerge the gum) and the growth of your jawbone according to your teeth. Extra-oral radiographs as well can pinpoint a probable issue among your teeth, gum, TMJ, and facial bones.

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