Oral Examination

The very first service we deliver on your new visit is a comprehensive oral examination. After the introduction to our Clinic and filling the formal forms, you will start your oral examination. This check-up is the process of a careful review of your overall oral health. Our doctor will check your whole mouth with any specific area of discomfort and pain. Our doctor will look for inflammations, cavities, and any build-ups around or under your gums. Your doctor will also inspect the quality of your previous fillings and crowns. This examination is done for our new visitors or our loyal patients as a periodical six-month check-up. It also can be for the mere checking on your oral health or an existing problem within your mouth and teeth.

One of our special services is Oral Cancer Screening

With this examination, we look for precancerous or cancer in your mouth. Early detection of benign or cancerous cells in your soft tissue around your mouth, lips, gums, or tongue can improve your survival. Our doctor will check for abnormal tissues on your mouth and might as well check for lumps in your face and throat for detection of your lymph node state. No special preparation is needed before the examination; show up at your fixed appointment and leave the rest to our professional team.

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