Adult Prophylaxis

We Springfield Dental Care Clinic are greatly concerned about gum diseases. These diseases can precipitate from sticky bacteria found on teeth called plaque. Although you take good care of your oral hygiene, a periodical dental appointment will maintain good oral health. A tooth cleaning is a thorough process to save from build-ups and bacterial colonies that can cause future periodontitis and inflammation. Our doctors are dedicated to giving you the full cleaning benefits of Plaques Removal, a clean-looking smile, and a fresh breath. At our clinic, we ensure you walk away with a beautiful, healthy-looking smile.

  • Scaling and Root Planning: when plaques have reached far underneath your gum line forming pockets, regular cleaning cannot affect much in this situation. Our experienced team will advise for a deep cleaning procedure to pull off the build-ups and aid you to free yourself from potential gum diseases.

The deep cleaning procedure can be done under anesthesia. The procedure consists of two main steps: Scaling with manual or ultrasonic devices, pockets made from plaques are removed. Then there is the second step of Root Planning, which smoothing out your roots to reattach to your gum.

After Deep Cleaning, you might experience some normal pain from teeth sensitivity and swollen gums. Visit us to have your teeth clean and healthy.

  • Periodontal Maintenance: when the pockets underneath the gum line formed from plaques and excessive bacterial build-ups reach 4mm. In addition to the typical procedure of deep scaling and root planning, our doctors will look into each pocket, looking for inflammation and infection sites—irrigation of antiseptic medication to control periodontitis and other gum diseases.

The regular and deep cleaning procedures are typically scheduled once or twice a year. However, our doctors will recommend more frequent visits for periodontal maintenance.

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